Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Music in Our Lives

I am one of those you may find wearing headphones on the ride to work. Some days I prefer the natural sounds, but I often enjoy the music's affect on mood.

At home, I do the same thing. But more often than not I turn on Pandora to listen to my personalize radio stations. I like internet radio because it provides an alternative to the collection of music I have on my iTunes. I would rarely discover new music if it weren't for this form of listening. I don't have a car, a home radio, a TV, and I'm certainly not a music store junky. Occasionally, I get suggestions from friends, but even then I go to internet sites to tests the music. I appreciate this form of expression and would hate to see it disappear from hiked up licensing fees. Today is a Day of Silence for internet radio sites. Any of my music listening will be done from my current collection of music. But I hope that this won't be my future. SaveNetRadio.org is challenging the new rates and attempting to keep internet radio in business.

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