Thursday, January 19, 2006

Songmaster Book Review

A story of one man, one boy... that is all. It is beautiful to read of his influence, love, emotion, experience. The power of the song is great. The allusion in the future is intriguing, but it is lost in the story of one boy.

I enjoy reading Orson Scott Card, especially those novels from when he was younger. I relate more to the exploration and searching Card does in his stories. Through is books, such as Ender's Game, I have been able to discover the world and my impressions of it.

Songmaster is about the life of Ansset, a beautiful young boy with a voice of power. He can relate and change moods. It is great to read of his struggles as a child. He must learn to be human and understand what he can do with his voice. The novel reads like a movie. Although I am unable to imagine seeing the greatness representing in this novel on screen, I  watched the story play out infront of me as a read frivolously.

To re-discover Card as a youthful writer, read Songmaster. Just don't let your expectations and values keep you from enjoying another's experience.