Saturday, May 27, 2006

Too many blogs?

I think I have too many blogs. I'm not sure which ones to update with which pieces of information. I don't know if I want to focus on making one better and how to go about it. Should I pay attention to one blog and avoid the others? What should I consider on topic? How do I continue to blog when I don't believe I have any readers? A committment to make...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

high school exit exam debate

This article and the comments that follow it frustrate me! There are so many good points both ways, but so many people who are missing things in reality. People can get by without the knowledge base that comes with passing the California Exit Exam. At least they can in some areas, namely San Jose and other places they don't need to speak English or jobs that desire high school graduates, but don't need the full knowledge base. Students learn in different ways. They may be likely to learn better on the job or at an alternative school, but they've never been informed of this. Intelligent people don't always know how to pass tests. Work with this kids; it's amazing! How can you deny them so much and just give up.

My solution is alternative schools for different learning styles. A better school reform comes in creating these and giving/showing students their options, rather than being fully worried about accountability and these large, badly run public schools. We need new answers! I'm not saying they don't work for some, and I'm not saying accountability and test-taking doesn't have it's place, but there can be options. We can give different types of schooling and different types of diplomas and help these students out in their lives earlier on.