Saturday, December 31, 2005

Performancing test

I'm testing the Firefox Performancing extension. The testing should allow me to blog at a couple of sites from a Firefox add-on.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

desire to read

I was perusing at the book store and found a section of essays and anthologies. I had a desire to read many of them, unlike I ever had before. I often read novels and a collection of nonfiction books, but I have never gotten into essays or short stories or poems over prose. But now, with books such as George Orwell's A Collection of Essays, I see some great brief thoughts coming form writings using metacognition to examine their lives and the world around them. This reminds me very much of some of my favorite bloggers... writing brief entries about those things that affect them or are often re-examined in their minds. Except, with blogging it becomes more quickly interactive and entries relate back to the old entries and topics. It is more the process of creating thoughts and learning than the end result in books.

In addition to this, I continue to remember how much I enjoy books. I have a large library of books which I am unable to bring along with me to San Jose. Instead, I must limit myself to a select few. These few I do not find the time to read anyhow as I keep busy and have a large public library to select from as well. If I gathered all my books together and counted them, I believe almost one fifth of them would be books that I have not read or at least finished. I am overwhelmed by the desire to read and enjoy books, but I do not take the full action of when living life actively in the present wins out. With time, I hope to read more and review books through one of my blogs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

after-school tutorial

Getting these students to stay on task during tutorial is quite a task. I enjoy this time to learn more about their lives both in and out of school and I often want to move off task for more interesting conversations.
Their teachers also usually leave immediately after school making it very hard to use them as a resource to help the students improve their work. Posted by Picasa

smack in the middle of the US

I often tell people I'm from Kansas, right in the middle of the United States. Some agree, some don't say anything, and some question it. So here's the research: the geographic center of the first 48 states of the US (what I'm usually thinking with this statement) is 4 miles outside of Lebanon, KS. That is a six hour drive from my hometown. Of interest is the geographic center of the 50 states in Butte County, South Dakota and the geographic center of North America is close to Rugby, North Dakota.