Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the evolution of Kansas

Well... Kansas School Board of Education has continued to increase it's bad image by teaching evolution as a flawed theory. As the laughing stalk of the nation, it's no wonder Kansas is such a terrible place to be from. All we have is the Wizard of Oz, farms, "where's that again?" and more problems with evolution. We could do things such as refuse to support Kansas, but wouldn't that be like moving to Canada when Bush won the election.... It doesn't solve anything to leave it alone. What about those who have to live in Kansas? Who grow up in Kansas? Kansas has some good things...

It makes me wonder though... how do people get on school boards? People vote for them, I believe. But who ever worries about who they vote for to be on the school board? Shouldn't this be more of a focus? These people choose what our children learn in public schools. That's huge! Or maybe it is a big deal and I've just never noticed how much people put into elections of school board members. Makes me wish I was still voting in Kansas for the next elections with school board members on the ballot--we need to make this state EVOLVE into the current century!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


The once or twice a week that I spend catching up online, I realize how much I'm missing out on. Now I know I'm lucky to have internet at all and even more lucky to get a good connection at my local library. But I've been spoiled at my university with a constant link to the internet. I have a computer online at all times; when I woke up in the morning, I could get on, chat briefly with people, check my email, the news and the weather. When I came back from classes, I could spend more time talking online, reading email and search the internet for information and people's opinions. I've often found myself lost in people's blogs--going from on blog to the next, learning opinions and reading articles of intersting topics.

Today I found a long discussion about the idea of blogging versus journaling (via a friend's suggestion). Several interesting people continue a discussion through their blogs on this topic and others that I find intersting. Given the time and resources, I would love to join in on these discussions. There is a great deal to keep up with and information I would like to follow, but I haven't the time nor the constant access to the internet that I once had. Instead I find keep up by reading old posts, several at once, in hopes that when my internet lifestyle likely returns, I'll still be enough in the loop to join in our such discussions and blogging. Atleast I have feeds (via Bloglines) for easy access to the last posts on my favorite blogs.

What is your definition of blogging?