Friday, September 29, 2006

the "challenging" youth are the best ones

Yesterday, I spent most of my time talking to students. Today, I spent hours trying to figure out paper work. And my mood changes. When with students, I come out of the day pumped, excited and enjoying every moment of life. When doing paperwork, I feel alone, drained, lost, and negative.

I feed off people--becoming energized. After one year with this student population, I feel so much more comfortable. I have fun with them. I am able to create a conversation out of nothing and soon, I'm learning all about their lives. It's great. I am able to watch students grow, be a role model and friend, and learn from them.

It's fun watching the new Leaders try to establish themselves. They are getting to know their students and themselves. Soon, the good ones will learn how to have fun with their students while still maintaining order. Others will try to have fun, but never have order. And others still will never let themselves have fun because their too busy trying to maintain order. I just hope they will all be able to see all the great talents in their students because these students amaze me day after day. I so glad the students have a positive place to learn and a group to be a part of.

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