Sunday, October 01, 2006

Other Duties as Assigned

I'd like to be more a part of the blogosphere--both posting blog entries and commenting, but I don't feel I have the time to write thoughtful, useful posts or comments. I'm jealous of others who have well organized and dissected posts and comments--even the simple ones appear to have well thought-out, valuable opinions.

With a busy, stressful job, I'm likely to spend an evening trying to forget about work. I'm usually unsuccessful and wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things that I need to do. Maybe I can build up this and begin blogging about life in non-profit.

I joke about "other duties as assigned." It's in almost any non-profit job description, and I see it first-hand. The other day, I helped move used furniture into the office. I've also recently acted as a driver's instructor--helping people practice parallel parking and more. The funny thing about these other duties, however, is they can be the highlight of my day. When stressed over paperwork and recruitment, I love the chance for physical labor, easy tasks creating spreadsheets, or helping others in their new positions.

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